My new best friend forever

My Dad made us a fish casserole. This in itself is probably not that awe-inspiring, so let me indulge by setting the scene:

My Dad – as much as I love him – is not competent in the kitchen. In fact, his repertoire is, shall we say, limited. He is “of THAT generation” and sometimes (dare I say it) takes the “ignorance is my defence” attitude. He is kind and generous in every way however, he doesn’t do cooking.

And that’s why I had to double-take when he served us a fantastic fish casserole.

So – it turns out – that he can very aptly read instructions. And he is able to discern one vegetable from another. So what more do you need?

Enter the Thermomix.

The product of more than 40 years of German design (that says it all) unites the functions of over 10 appliances in to one unit and can be mastered by anyone. It can grind wheat and crush ice but it’s also delicate enough to chop a single clove of garlic. It can also juice fruits and vegetables, cook rice and steam, heat, beat, mix, whip, knead, mince, grate, blend, stir, and weigh food. It’s all true.

Seriously, Thermomix has changed my life: it allows you to take control of what you are eating (no more additives, colours and chemical preservatives) by using a tool that is fast and efficient.

Other Thermomix fans include:

George Calombaris of MasterChef Australia and

The Press Club restaurant (Australia)
Super Soups by Michael van Stratten (UK)
The Healing Power of Food by Cheryl Reid (Australia)
Changing Habits Changing Lives by Cyndi O’Meara (Australia)
Cooking Passions – Food for Friends by Nico Moretti (Australia)
Raymond Blanc (UK)
El Bulli by Adria Ferran, who runs a famous restaurant in Spain.

If you are looking for a new best friend forever (BFF) or a kitchen tool that cuts preparation from minutes to seconds and cooks gently to ensure the flavours, vitamins and minerals are locked in your food then Thermomix is worth considering. I have talked about it here as I often refer to Thermomix in my blogs and just in case there is anyone out there who has not yet heard of the Thermomix.

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