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Travel: how getting away leads you straight home

It’s hard to believe that our incredible travel to New Zealand’s north island, that my husband so carefully and lovingly planned for our family, is starting to fade into memory. For all four of us the holiday has various highlights but the overwhelming consensus is that New Zealand is a destination of spectacular countryside and beautiful, endearing indigenous…

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20 ideas: learn about yourself

20 ideas to help you access your heart

Have you had glimpses into the messages of your heart? Have you noticed what enables these messages to be more clear? These are 20 ideas for simple, everyday actions that support you to learn about yourself; opening up to hear the messages of your heart: Detox harsh chemicals from your life. Spend time playing with…

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One of Perth’s most experienced energy healers presents Thrive!

Do you have that certain friend with whom you enjoy a deeper conversation? You know, the conversations that inspire a new perspective of life and which cause an expansion of your life experience. I really love those conversations (and those friends) and – more particularly – I love the way it makes me feel when…

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Learning to love my anal-retentiveness

Loving the light and the shadow

Is this really me? Have you seen these quirky zodiac tea towels? Many times I have seen the “positive” version for the Virgo and I have enjoyed a quiet giggle, acknowledging all that is true about my own personality! Recently I discovered the alternative Virgo version. And I still had a giggle although I found…

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It’s a giveaway & you’re invited to enter!

If you’ve been following for a while you’ve heard me mention on more than one occasion how much I enjoyed Eckhart Tolle’s, A New Earth. I am certainly grateful for what it taught me. I’d love to share the joy, so I’ve decided to run a sweepstake giveaway offering the CD set of Eckhart Tolle’s A…

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Kick starting a meditation habit # 2

How to kick start a meditation habit Part Two | Anita Fredericks

Part two: In Part One of this series I discussed why and how I begun a meditation habit. This week I’m sharing the many changes I’ve noticed and why meditation is such an important tool supporting a peaceful and creative life. The truth is that it’s not that long ago that the concept of meditation felt way outside…

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7 Days of mindfulness prompts

& days of mindfulness prompts by Anita Fredericks

What better time to get started with your mindfulness practice than right now – Mindful in May! My 7 Days of Mindfulness Prompts is a series of emails – one per day, seven days in a row – designed to support you in integrating simple approaches to everyday activities that create an opportunity to slow…

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How to kick-start a meditation habit

How to kick start a meditation habit Part One | Anita Fredericks

Part one: Sometimes the Universe conspires to send a clear message. For several years it felt like every book I read and every health advisor in my posse would at one time or another be telling me that meditation was the key to making transformational life changes. It was met with resistance: I was good…

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Mindful ideas for Easter delight!

Mindful ideas for a delightful Easter by Anita Fredericks

Anyone who’s been following a while knows that I love a little bit of magic! And one of my greatest loves is to watch the kids’ faces light up when that magic is brought to life. Whether they have just received a pint-sized letter from the fairies, or whether they wake up to a trail…

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5 ideas to create positive change & achieve your dreams

Creating my vision for 2015 was the easy part. BELIEVING that I can make it happen is certainly the harder part, for me. Having a plan to create positive change is my biggest priority for 2015. Sure I am that this day we are masters of our fate, that the task which has been set before…

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