Dear Diary; a vision of 2015

Core Desired Feelings

Creating my vision for 2015 just got a lot more powerful… it’s based on how I want to feel.

When I think of the coming year I feel both excitement as well as anxiety. I am excited by the possibilities of what my dreams and plans may achieve. Anxious at not having the courage to claim them.

My most pressing desire is to be my true self; to live in alignment with my soul’s desire and to do this with love and joy.

To be myself sounds like the easiest and most logical thing in the world but yet I know it to be difficult beyond belief. And what if I am not brave enough? But – more profoundly – what if I am?

I am going to take a stance and believe that I am enough: I am brave enough; courageous enough; creative enough; strong enough; pretty enough; smart enough. I am exactly all that I need to be. Making this choice makes me excited for the year ahead, the trick will be reminding myself of this stance every single day.

I want to feel presence, creativity, vitality, love, abundance and communion – these are my core desires and this is what underlies the projects of which I dream.

What lies ahead for me is a strong focus on product creation – a book (yep, it’s big & I’m excited!); inspirational speaking; a cleansing program and a workshop guide for health and joy – and creating a more relevant community for like-minded and courageous ladies.

What lies ahead is also a strong focus on my whole self – my body, mind and spirit, so to speak.

By this time next year meditation is second-nature to me as I know it is the key to achieving all that I dream. I happily roll out of bed in the morning because I am joyously creating each day to achieve my best self. My days are full of presence, vitality, love, communion, abundance and creation.

Wow… a year from now I am enjoying a well-earned break with my family. I’m proudly reflecting on an incredible year of growth, particularly the love I have for myself and the loving relationships that I have with my husband, my children, my parents, my family and my friends. And I’m even more courageous in my dreams for 2016!

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