Diary of a Girl on a Cleanse! Day 3


“Diary of a girl on a cleanse” is my column exposing life on the 5 day Vitality Cleanse. Each Friday a new day on the cleanse will  be revealed! These are my thoughts at the end of day three. Click this link for my diary on Day 1 and this link for my diary on Day 2.

Tonight I weighed myself and I am delighted to see that I’ve already dropped 3kg. Yay! It feels great to let go of that excess weight and losing weight has been very motivating to keep me on track.

Night 2 was a difficult night for me – I went to bed about 10.30pm and felt nauseas. I wasn’t sure that I was going to get to sleep. Thankfully, sleepiness just took over and the next thing I new it was morning, and I felt fine.

It was a good day on the cleanse. I started the day helping out in my daughter’s year 1 class, which was a fabulous distraction. It also brings me a lot of joy to see her happy in her class room.

I enjoyed my morning however I did feel a bit fragile today and was grateful for the support of a good friend, who knew exactly what to say to me. The distraction passed quickly.

I noticed that I was feeling a little sorry for myself in the afternoon when I made the kids a choc / banana smoothie for afternoon tea – it smelled so good! I did resist it but it made me realise – again – how important it is to stop properly for a lunch meal.

I have learnt how important it is not to skip meals and to keep the fridge well stocked with snacks for the kids, so I don’t spend too long working on / thinking about kids’ snacks.

We had stuffed capsicum tonight, which both Kelvin & I enjoyed. The kids would have liked it also had it not had the curry & garlic in the mix. I can see this recipe featuring on the summer rotation.

I started drinking Rooibos tea today, which I hadn’t done before and I was surprised by how much I liked it. I’ll be adding that to the routine.

It’s all good… I feel like I’m on the “down hill slide” to feeling fantastic!

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