Diary of a girl on a cleanse! Day 4


“Diary of a girl on a cleanse” is my column exposing life on the 5 day Vitality Cleanse. Each week a new day on the cleanse will  be revealed! These are my thoughts at the end of day four. Click these links for my diary on Day 1Day 2 and Day 3.

It’s incredible how quickly time flies. Day 4 on the cleanse has come so quickly and I am really starting to notice how simple modifications to my habits and behaviour are changing my experiences – internally & externally! I think the journalling process has been a great tool to show me the link between my choices and their outcomes.

I have mentioned this on other days but it is very obvious to me that this cleanse has shown me how much calmer I could be. I’m not exactly sure what it is in my “normal” routine that gets me more on edge as I don’t often drink coffee… could it be the cacao that I so enjoy? Or could it be that I’m just eating less so my body is expending less energy focusing on the digestive process? I’m not sure…

So that’s another thing I have noticed: how much better my digestion is (I’m assuming you can read between the lines here!) Everything is performing optimally… maybe that’s another reason why I have been feeling so calm. More proof to me that a well functioning digestive system is an extremely important key to happiness.

Next time I do the cleanse I am going to embrace a few aspects a bit further:

  • definitely the journalling process has been key to me learning about myself and observing behaviours that I would like to change in the future;
  • definitely sleep makes a huge difference to how I look & feel – I know every one says this, but it is actually useful to do the experiment myself (I tend to work late in to the night), so that I can experience the correlation;
  • definitely I will be more prepared with snacks – my own delicious snacks for on the cleanse but also snacks for the kids not cleansing (it’s a little distracting to be making their delicious snacks!); and
  • definitely I will embrace the breath work and self-care aspects of the program further – I see how important they are and the lessons they bring me.

I feel like “I’ve done it”… at the end of day 4 so I know that day 5 will be a cinch, or will it? I have to do a home-made chocolate demonstration for my son’s pre-primary class!!!

It’s all good.




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