Diary of a girl on a cleanse – Day 5!


“Diary of a girl on a cleanse” is my column exposing life on the 5 day Vitality Cleanse. Each week a new day on the cleanse will  be revealed! These are my thoughts at the end of day five. Click these links for my diary on Day 1Day 2Day 3 and Day 4.

So the day kicked off with a home made chocolate demonstration for my son’s Pre-Primary class. I sneaked in a taste when making a sample batch before school. I’m not sure if I ate it because I really wanted it or just to see how it will make me feel. Ha! I’m not going to dwell on it but I did notice how incredibly sweet even my homemade chocolate tasted.

5 days on the Vitality Cleanse is done and I feel that I have learnt so much about myself as well as enjoying some good cleansing results. A few people have said that they plan to stay on the cleanse for longer, to cement some of their great results. So I plan to carry on for at least the next three days.

To me, the morning routine is one key aspect of the program that I will continue to keep in place – it really does act to get my metabolism going each morning and it is light enough so that I don’t feel heavy after breakfast yet I find it filling enough to get me through to lunch. This is a key take out of the program for me.

I’ve also picked up a few new recipes that my husband & I really enjoyed. The focus on raw foods made dinner preparation fairly simple & quick. Some of my favourites were the stuffed capsicum, the vegetable nori rolls, the broccoli soup and the vegetable rice dish.

Another key take out of the program is the awareness that simple upgrades in my food & lifestyle routine have a significant impact on me physically, emotionally and mentally. I like the tangibility of measuring aspects of my physicality – I have lost more than 3 kg (& my jeans are fitting a lot better!), the coating on my tongue is far less thick & white (& my breath smells better), my scalp is far less flaky and my digestive system seems to be calm & effective!

Throughout the week I also noticed an overall sense of calm. I do have a tendency to feel anxious and the strong focus on self care in combination with living foods has definitely helped with this aspect of my life. I know there are going to continue to be times of high pressure or stress in my life but I am so much more aware of what tools work for me.

So that’s my 5 days on the cleanse. There were a couple of challenges for me (eg. night 2 going to sleep feeling nauseas) but the benefits have far-outweighed the issues. I will do the cleanse again – in fact I think it would be good practice for me to do it once per quarter or so.

Are you thinking about joining the Vitality Cleanse but still have a couple of questions? These are a few answers to questions I have been asked so far:

Q. How will I make my smoothie at work or can I buy one from a juice bar?

A. For smoothies “on the go” we recommend making your smoothie and storing it in a glass jar with an air-tight seal. Keep it cool and then shake well before you drink it. This is a better option than buying one from a juice bar as you have control over the quality of ingredients.

Q. I’ve heard that green tea is good for you – is it a herbal tea?

A. We do not recommend teas other than herbal teas on the Vitality Cleanse. Green tea is not a herbal tea however, it is far less processed than many conventional teas and also has less caffeine. Green tea is medicinal due to its high concentration of antioxidants that have numerous health-giving properties. Please aim for no more than one per day and ensure it is before the afternoon.

Q. You’ve suggested light exercise – can I still go to the gym/go jogging?

A. Exercise may be the closest thing to the fountain of youth. Not only does regular activity strengthen muscles and improve heart and lung function but it can also reduce your risk of major diseases, stimulate the growth of new brain cells and even add years to your life.

During the Vitality Cleanse however, we recommend light exercise and to be as gentle as possible on your body. Light exercise would include brisk walking, swimming, yoga or pilates. Having said that, you know your body better than anyone, so make sensible decisions when considering the vigour of your activity!

Q. Can my husband/child go on this with me?

A. It is always nice to have a “buddy” on your cleanse. If your husband or partner is open to doing the cleanse then by all means, I suspect it would be highly beneficial. In relation to your child however, it would depend on the age and activity of your child as they have certain dietary requirements during growth phases. Certainly increasing the amount of raw food in anyone’s diet is beneficial however I would speak with your health practitioner before deciding whether the Vitality Cleanse is suitable for your child.

Q. What sort of probiotics should I buy?

A. During the Vitality Cleanse, we are recommending a dose of probiotics morning and night. Probiotics are edible products containing “good” bacteria. They generally come in a powder or capsule. When buying your probiotics (which would be from a quality health food shop or a pharmacy), you should look at the label and consider these factors:

  • The specific genus and species of the organism or organisms it contains (ensure it includes Lactobacillus Acidophilus)
  • We prefer a non-dairy, gluten-free source made without flavours, preservatives or fillers.
  • The storage information – should it be in a dark, cool cupboard or in the fridge?
  • Always check the expiration date and check that the bacteria are alive! Look for “colony forming units” in the billions.
  • Check the ingredients to ensure that they don’t include anything to which you are intolerant.
  • Ensure that the contact information of the manufacturer is clearly visible.

For these last three questions, it is appropriate to set the scene of addictions.

An addiction is very different to a craving. An addiction is a long term habit of a substance that gives us some sort of “hit” whether it’s a feeling of being comfortable, relaxed, confidant or transported to another state. When you try to imagine how much you would miss that drink or that chocolate if you could not have it, then that is a measure of your addiction. It is critically important to wean yourself off your addictions so that your body becomes used to lower levels of toxins and can revert to extracting the energy it needs from natural sources.

Q. How will I cope without my daily coffee?

A. Caffeine is a highly acidic artificial stimulant that stimulates the metabolic rate. Caffeine is the reason many are addicted to coffee. Unfortunately, caffeine makes your own natural stimulants (the thyroid and adrenal glands) lazy, eventually causing your metabolism to be sluggish.

We suggest that you wean yourself off coffee gradually and please avoid the decaffeinated varieties, which are just as harmful. Some people find this very difficult. The key is to ensure that you have plenty of alternatives. Try herbal teas – Dandelion is a popular coffee alternative. And check your health food store which may have a tannin-free coffee alternative. I enjoy hot drinks with cacao powder and cinnamon with a dash of almond milk as well as caffeine-free chai drinks, but be sure to avoid dairy and soy (stick to nut or rice milk alternatives). It may also be helpful to avoid situations where it is ritualistic for you to have a coffee.

Q. What should I do when I have a sugar craving?

A.OK, so here are some ideas to support you if you are feeling like eating something sweet:

  • Drink water
  • Go for a brisk walk
  • Get more sleep, rest and relaxation
  • Add a little more protein to your morning smoothie. Eg. a brown rice protein powder or chia seeds
  • Experiment with spices like cinnamon, coriander, cloves and cardamom. I like 1 tablespoon of cacao powder with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon with hot water and a splash or rice or nut milk

Q. Can I have alcohol?

A. 5 days is certainly not a long time to go without alcohol, another highly acidic addiction. You may have weakness but it is important to make the commitment to avoid alcohol. Ensure you eat well and have a vegetable juice on hand to quench the desire.

Do you have other questions? Feel free to drop me a line & ask away! Anita Fredericks


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