This simple practice makes skin brighter, smoother and softer!


Dry skin brushing, saunas, hydrotherapy and contrast showers are detoxification techniques that help draw out heavy metals and other toxins through the pores of the skin.

Because the skin is the body’s biggest organ, the dry brush body massage is an essential therapy in a detoxification program which supports the activation of the lymphatic system and releases muscle tension. Dead skin cells, excreted wastes and external pollution can build up and clog pores, which inhibit the skin effectively releasing toxins.

I love dry skin brushing because it:

  • Aids digestion;
  • Removes dead skin;
  • Stimulates blood circulation;
  • Cleanses the lymphatic system;
  • Makes you feel energised; AND
  • Brushing every day can help to break down fatty deposits.

How do you do it?

It’s important to be gentle, using a long handled, natural bristle brush with a brush pad about the size of your own hand.

Wash brush before use to remove dead skin cells.

Do it before your morning and / or evening shower for maximum effect. Start by using a gentle circular, upwards motion then longer, smoother strokes once the skin becomes more accustomed to the sensation.

Begin at the ankles, moving to the lower legs, thighs, stomach, back and arms. Avoid the breast and chest.

Brush anywhere from 2 – 20 minutes depending how much time you have – the longer the better!

Follow with a shower and dry off vigorously.

What about the rest of the detoxing process?

Well, I believe that caring for yourself is THE most important aspect to feeling great. A practice of dry skin brushing is just one aspect of caring for yourself that we advocate in the Vitality Cleanse and is a key aspect of a successful detox and cleanse.

If your body is yearning to feel better, then investing in yourself today may just be the start of your pathway to feeling great!

What you are doing for yourself today?

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