Inspirational modern media: a context for intentionally creating life

I had a giggle with a friend the other day as she shared her take on a major world event. She laughed as she discovered that I had been oblivious to that news. At that point I wasn’t sure whether to fully admit that I generally don’t watch or read the world news… it filters through eventually but I am certainly not the person that my family turns to for an up-to-date account of the world’s happenings.

It’s partly a conscious decision – I don’t want to be surrounded by what appears to be story after story of sadness and destruction – and partly a subconscious decision because I love to read, watch and learn about life on a physical and energetic level. My appetite for inspirational health media is insatiable so there’s not a lot of time for other media.

I believe that commercial media has a very strong influence on the agenda of the day and whilst I appreciate that there is an exceptional amount of good that comes from this I also believe that it is important that WE create our lives and make our CHOICES based on knowledge and experience.

That got me thinking about how really fantastic the latest Food Matters project is: FMTV. It’s Netflix for the health conscious. It’s health and wellness videos on demand. It’s sharing all the inspirational health media and modern understanding of life (which is – interestingly – based on new knowledge of ancient wisdom!) as documentaries, movies, interviews as well as recipes, yoga and meditation instructional videos.

Sometimes it appears that our world is “driven” by bad news – if there’s no “drama”, there’s no life.

I wonder what would happen if our news was re-framed to focus on “the good” and the learnings in the time of adversity?

Ok, so in some ways I’m blissfully ignorant. And I’m happy with that.

This weekend I had a soul-nurturing trip with my mum. Aaaaaaah, so good. In amongst beach walks, deep talks and food, we caught up and re-watched several movies from our collection. On our screen was, “The Living Matrix“, “The Science of Miracles – the Quantum Language of Healing, Peace, Feeling & Belief” and “Healing the Luminous Body, the way of the Shaman“. Have you had a media binge lately?

If you’re looking for a hefty and ongoing dose of modern ideas to support you in creating your own life, then hop on over to FMTV and get yourself a subscription. There are free movie screenings happening now!

What do you think? How do you feel when you side-step the world news media bubble?


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