One cocktail evoked transformation

How one cocktail evoked a transformation!

When I pushed the “publish” key on my blog post on 15 June 2014, I had no idea that it would be five months until I published again. These two publishings effectively marked the beginning and the end of a hiatus in life.

In a period marked by heightened anxiousness I remember pushing quite hard through feelings of lethargy, effectively making nothing much happen at all. It was compounded by a feeling of frustration – why did I feel so confused by what I wanted from life? Even worse, what did I want from life? Where had my sense of “inner knowing” gone?

I look back on this time as a period of massive personal transformation. As much as I was desperate for more clarity, I knew the time was now to invest in myself even more than I ever had before (by now you know that I advocate looking inward as the strategy for changing the outward experience in life). It was a time to be patient and to choose trust.

First up: a few things I have learned with the benefit of hindsight

  • this period of time did have some challenges, but I am abundantly grateful that they spurred me on to push the boundaries of my comfort zone.
  • I’m not “all fixed” or devoid of ever feeling anxious or even totally clear on what I am supposed to be doing in life! But I am so much more comfortable with those uncomfortable feelings. And that feels good.
  • I’m learning that I don’t need to define myself by my past and I’m slowly creating a more awesome version of myself.
  • My creative buzz is returning and ideas are blossoming – yay!

In matters of life and the heart, there is absolutely no one-size-fits-all magical, calming cure. But one thing I know for sure is that you must have trust and you must take a step. Any step!

The cocktail approach (it’s not what you think!)

One of the steps that I took early on (way, way before I started feeling any gratitude at all for the situation I found myself in) was to speak with Amy Crawford of The Holistic Ingredient. I have long been a fan of Amy’s food ebooks which is how I got introduced to her wellness therapies and in particular, her Combined Therapy Cocktail (which sounds delightful, doesn’t it!).

Amy’s Combined Therapy Cocktail (AKA CTC) is an opportunity to go deep. Her processes delve in to the negative feelings, fears, insecurities, limiting beliefs et cetera that are holding you back from feeling the way you want to feel. Through one personalised cocktail of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique which is essentially acupuncture without needles), Reiki and meditation you work together to break down the energy that is the root cause of the feelings that may be weighing so heavily in your life today. The combination of therapies she chooses for a client depends upon the issues you are experiencing. It is a truly emotional, highly energising and empowering experience. I remember finishing my session and feeling as if a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I had a little bit of homework to do that helped me to embrace the surge of energy I felt and carry it through a recalibration of my desires in life, which are evolving all the time.

I should mention that I’m not being paid to write this. I am sharing this experience because I believe that my story will resonate on some level for so many people. And it’s great to know that there are in fact many wonderfully liberating experiences that can help to move us through difficult times in life – expanding us all along.

Amy is one of those people that has a gift for compassionate listening, creating a strong connection and deep understanding that enables her skills to affect real, positive change. I am very grateful for the way my CTC experience spurred on a transformation that today has me feeling like a different person. In the process of working with Amy I had to submit a list of the feelings that I felt were holding me back. Today I can’t remember what they were, which is a good result, I’d say!

Working with Amy in my CTC session was absolutely a key point in my evolving transformation. The surge of energy and the positive framework created enabled me to dig deeper, to get to know myself better and to propel me forward, embracing my awesomeness!

I’m confident that surrounding yourself with caring supporters that inspire you to dig a little deeper in to your own truth is an act of deep self-care. I wonder what you think of this: Imagine what life would be like if all our decisions were made from a place of loving yourself?

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2 Responses to “One cocktail evoked transformation”

  1. Suzanne James May 26, 2015 at 2:09 am #54532

    Great post Anita. I think we can all take something away from your words. My father in law is an EFT practitioner and I love hearing about the success that he has with his clients. I love the way you talked about having trust in yourself to move ahead and to start stepping away from the uncomfortable or challenging feelings/aspects of life. It certainly resonated with me!

    • Anita Fredericks May 26, 2015 at 2:59 am #54536

      Thank you Suzanne for your feedback. Yes, I think that it is great to share how we are feeling – even about the uncomfortable aspects of life. After all, we’re all in this together!

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