Having personal power – what I learned from Jess Ainscough

The World Needs You to Stand in Your Power by Kris Carr

The World Needs You to Stand in Your Power by Kris Carr

Jess Ainscough, affectionately known as The Wellness Warrior, passed away on February 26 this year. She was just shy of 30 years old and for the best part of seven years, Jessica thrived with her cancer.

I am writing today because I have been overwhelmed by the response to this tragic news – both my personal response and the global response. Bar meeting Jess on a couple of occasions, I best knew her online presence. In fact, she was one of the very first people that I followed via her blog and I would credit her for inspiring me in so many ways, including nurturing a heart-centred approach to life and healing as well as developing my own online presence.

Jessica Ainscough and The Wellness Warrior have a tremendous number of followers through her blog, her stage talks, her books, her social media, and her retreats. It is fair to say that her incredibly open, honest and caring nature appealed to so many who are looking for more out of life. To me, it signals a need – an overwhelming demand – for more support around health and wellness, both as treatments and prevention.

Jessica’s passing has saddened me to the core, not because I feel I have lost a friend but because this incredible young girl had devoted her life to honestly living and sharing. She had an integrity and a personal power that was so highly attracting it was impossible not to like her and all that she represented.

Key themes I have learnt from Jessica and fully embrace include:

An attitude of thriving with cancer (and of course any other health infliction).

I do not have cancer however, this attitude towards life creates personal power which I believe is the basis of true joy. Turn any situation around and ask, “what can I learn from this?” Attitude is everything.

A positive and proactive approach to continuous learning.

Throughout almost seven years with her disease, Jessica worked with some of the world’s best healers and oncologists undergoing both conventional and unconventional therapies. This young girl was so brave and saw no boundaries – it was always incredible to me that Jessica would be interviewing some of the leading thinkers of this era and then sharing those interviews on her blog. Always sharing.

Taking full responsibility for your own health and life.

Do you have your own belief system? This is the crux of the matter for me. It doesn’t necessarily matter what your belief system is, what matters is that you have acknowledged your role in this life and you have consciously generated a set of beliefs from which you operate. Everything. When you are living in the context of your personally-designed belief system, you are standing in your power (as Kris Carr elegantly put it); you are living with personal power.

Sharing your personal truth.

We are all in this together!

What we know for sure is that no one knows it all. We are living in a time where our knowledge of health and nutrition is fledgling – there is new learning all the time but we do not have all the answers. Surely if we had all the answers, we wouldn’t have the statistics of ill-health that impede us today? Operating within your belief system, taking responsibility for your own health and not judging others’ choices is what is called for. United we stand, divided we fall.

Having deep passion for life and love.

The intelligence of your heart is far deeper than your mind. Notice the difference it makes when you follow your feelings, rather than try to “figure things out” with your thinking. Living this way enables you to stand in your power.

In her time on this earth and through her passing, Jess Ainscough has taught me so much and I am incredibly grateful. From the outpouring of love in the last couple of weeks by both people who knew her in reality as well as those who knew her virtually, it is clear that this remarkable lady has left an indelible print on so many lives.


Jess Ainscough, The Wellness Warrior

Jess Ainscough, The Wellness Warrior


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