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Understanding the love languages in your relationship can be a key to creating your personal power, and having a great day!

Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could. Barbara de Angelis

Sometimes, only one word can take a well-intentioned conversation down a pathway less than joyful. Have you ever wondered whether sometimes you are speaking an entirely different language to your partner?

During my studies with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I came across the concept of The Five Love Languages and the questionnaire that helps you determine your own love language. I thought it was so interesting and this tool I have now shared with many clients.

What we learn through the questionnaire is that some people feel love when they hear the three magic words. But for some, these words are no where near enough. Others feel most loved when their partner takes the time to massage their physical pains away. But for others, this doesn’t do much. You start to see what I mean…

This Valentine’s Day (or any other day), why not take the conversation with your partner to another level and suggest that you both complete the 5 Love Languages questionnaire and then marvel at the new information you may have about your lover!

Reflecting on the profile of your partner may put a new spin on your ideas to acknowledge Valentine’s Day, or expressing your love at any time. Here are some ideas, to get the ball rolling:

If your partner enjoys words of affirmation:

This can sometimes be a tricky one: said at the wrong time your pure intentions can have little impact. Pick a moment when you are both relaxed and listening. Acknowledging their achievements or thanking them for all they do can be ever so important.

If your partner most appreciates quality time:

How about a moon-light beach walk. Find a moment to ask one magical question, for example, “One year from now, what do you most want to be thankful for?” There’s nothing like envisioning your future, and creating it together.

If your partner enjoys receiving gifts:

Hmmm, how about something homemade, with love, like one of these delicious chocolate recipes.

If your partner most appreciates acts of service:

Take a moment to stop and think, “how could I really make his / her day better?” For example, my husband loves to have a clean car, so I am sure that me doing that for him would send a clear message.

If your partner enjoys physical touch:

Maybe a double massage at your favourite day spa!

Has this questionnaire given you any ideas? (I hope so). I would love to hear how you worked out that what you and your partner consider to be love can be radically different things! Will you comment below?

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