Your main squeeze: a juice or a blend?

Main squeeze

Firstly, it is a belief at my very core that our bodies are DESIGNED to heal. And I believe that our food and lifestyle choices make us – literally, they become our cells and our thoughts and can influence every aspect of our being.

Understanding that our food & lifestyle choices are the very first step in upgrading your health, it is handy to know that the fastest, easiest and tastiest way to get fresh, living, detoxifying, cleansing foods in to our system is to drink them.

So should your main squeeze be a blend or a juice?

Personally, I believe that the answer is both! But there’s a time and a place and understanding that is important.


  • Removes fibre so nutrients are more easily digested by the human system (ie. your body does not expend much energy to digest the nutrients). This is what you need when you have compromised health. It enables nutrients to be readily available and assimilate with your blood stream.
  • There are several methods for juicing. The most popular trend at the moment is cold pressed juicing, where a huge amount of pressure is applied to the fruit to squeeze every bit of nectar from the fruit. The remaining pulp is almost dry. Supporters of cold pressed juicing say that the key benefit of this process is that no steel blades are used to cut or grind the fruit and therefore the enzymes are not subject to oxidation and heat (which destroys enzymes).
  • The most important thing to understand is that fruit sugars (fructose) are very, very high in fruit juices because there is no fibre to slow the metabolism of the sugar. If you are going to enjoy a juice, make sure it is green! Healing juices are green with very little fruit. Anyone with diabetes or any type of insulin resistance needs to be particularly careful of these drinks.


  • Blending your fruit and vegetables creates a smoothie. The fibre is still available in the drink which does help to slow down the metabolism of sugar. (Note – it is the fibre that mitigates the damage done by sugars). The fibre does however require more energy to digest but it does make a smoothie more filling – a great idea for breakfast or a snack.
  • There is a myriad of blenders on the market ranging in price from $50 to $2000! It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Thermomix, although I have also heard good things about the Ladyship and the VitaMix – it totally depends on your expectations of your equipment… as well as your budget. They each have different blade systems that result in varying numbers of revolutions per minute and can also generate some heat. As noted above, heat destroys enzymes. I would recommend investing in the best blade system that you can.
  • Again, any drink chosen for wellness needs to be green ie. based on a green leafy vegetables with very little fruit. There are some awesome smoothie recipes out there that are delightful and actually bring me a lot of joy (like the one that I had today, which was simply an avocado, coconut milk, coconut water, cacao, date and ice) however, these recipes should be enjoyed occasionally, not daily (note to self!).

The goal with any nutritious drink is to make it alkaline (like I talked about here), so that it has a cleansing effect on your body.

For tips and guidelines on juicing and smoothies, make sure you download my free ebook, Vitality: 10 plant-passionate drinks to boot your life force!

Do you like to juice, or blend? Are you willing to share your favourite recipe?

And for more experience living the alkaline way, why not try the Vitality Cleanse? We are gearing up now to start cleansing on Monday! If you are keen, sign up and give yourself time to get prepared!

I am so glad to have found the Vitality Cleanse when I did. I had been progressively putting on weight and feeling increasingly tired, sluggish and stressed. I needed to do something to change my outlook and habits! I had seen a naturopath for about six months, and spent over a thousand dollars on visits and supplements. Despite the sound advice of the naturopath, I still hadn’t stuck to the program.

On the Vitality Cleanse I lost 2.5kg in 5 days, and I felt fantastic. Even though I’d expected it to result in me feeling tired, faint, and give me headaches, the side effects were minimal. The information provided gave me useful ways to overcome the changes as my body adjusted to the program.

On the cleanse I felt greater mental clarity, increased energy, and improved mood. The recipes made meal preparation simple, and the supporting documents helped me make other positive lifestyle changes such as focused breathing.

Throughout the program I received daily email support and encouragement which helped keep me on track. The tools I was given have encouraged me to continue a healthier lifestyle using aspects of the cleanse on an ongoing basis. I have a new love of vegetables and green smoothies! I would recommend the Vitality Cleanse to anyone wanting a simple, effective program to feel better, make positive healthy changes, and enjoy life more.

Julianne, NSW


Food styling & photography: A&A by Anjali de Silva & Anita Fredericks

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