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The Holistic Ingredient Collage

“Just don’t deviate from the recipe.” I vividly recall my husband sharing this pearl of wisdom in our early days of my cooking …

Needless to say, things have changed a lot.

These days I experiment all the time with food and I relish in the art of deviating from the recipe. In fact I rarely stick exactly to a recipe, which is considerable progress coming from someone who is generally so literal.

Yes, it’s true that the threshold of nutrition is pretty high in our kitchen. But I’m all about deliciousness. I’m not in to eating something just because “it’s good for you” (although this little phrase does often grace our dining table).

These days there is a boundless e-world of contemporary food creatives. I always get excited to find new, inspirational resources that embrace simple deliciousness. And I especially love simple recipes that tick my nutritional boxes.

Amy Crawford of The Holistic Ingredient is one of my inspirations. Kicked sideways by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, this corporate career girl found herself on a health journey that mandated a deep love affair with herself… and her kitchen. Now she has a thriving wellness practice and beautiful e-books to her name.

A Nourishing Kitchen” is a downloadable e-book sharing over 40 easy, delicious and nutritious recipes that will satiate and delight morning, noon, evening and well after dark. This beautiful ebook is $19.00 AUD and is available here*.

And “A Little Something” is available free when you subscribe to The Holistic Ingredient website.

I love Amy’s work because she is a huge fan of her blender and she favours a tight group of dependable ingredients that she cleverly manipulates to create new concoctions.

If you are looking for a collection of simple recipes that will really help to upgrade your nutrition but won’t leave you feeling deprived then this little gem of an ebook may just be for you.

Featured in my collage above is her Walnut Brownie Breakfast Mousse, Lemony Sunflower Balls and the Overnight Lime Chia Parfait (although I altered the recipe and used mango instead of banana).

*I am a proud ambassador of The Holistic Ingredient and I believe that her “A Nourishing Kitchen” ebook is a useful tool for myself and my subscribers. As such, I am happy to promote her products and I do receive a small payment for any ebooks sold through my website.

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