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Mindful ideas for Easter delight!

Mindful ideas for a delightful Easter by Anita Fredericks

Anyone who’s been following a while knows that I love a little bit of magic! And one of my greatest loves is to watch the kids’ faces light up when that magic is brought to life. Whether they have just received a pint-sized letter from the fairies, or whether they wake up to a trail…

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Chocolate: international language of love!

  What do you feel when you think of chocolate? Love? Joy? Satisfaction? Happiness? Delight? I can hazard a guess that it’s a strong, positive response and there is very good reason for this! But before I get into chocolate’s delicious mood-enhancing qualities, let’s make sure we are both on the same page… There is…

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Nourishing Chocolate Avocado Mousse – a recipe for health

By now, many of you have heard of the super qualities of nourishing chocolate. The key to chocolate’s super qualities however, is to eat it in as close to its natural state as possible. Cacao – not to be confused with the modern-day refined and sugar-laden cocoa – is the seed (nut) of a fruit…

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Home made chocolate, just in time for Easter!

There is something beautifully exhilarating about teaching something new to children… and it does help when the topic has a lot to do with chocolate! Last week I went in to my daughter’s year two class as well as my son’s year one class and taught them about the origins of chocolate as well as…

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