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One of Perth’s most experienced energy healers presents Thrive!

Do you have that certain friend with whom you enjoy a deeper conversation? You know, the conversations that inspire a new perspective of life and which cause an expansion of your life experience. I really love those conversations (and those friends) and – more particularly – I love the way it makes me feel when…

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Kick starting a meditation habit # 2

How to kick start a meditation habit Part Two | Anita Fredericks

Part two: In Part One of this series I discussed why and how I begun a meditation habit. This week I’m sharing the many changes I’ve noticed and why meditation is such an important tool supporting a peaceful and creative life. The truth is that it’s not that long ago that the concept of meditation felt way outside…

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How to kick-start a meditation habit

How to kick start a meditation habit Part One | Anita Fredericks

Part one: Sometimes the Universe conspires to send a clear message. For several years it felt like every book I read and every health advisor in my posse would at one time or another be telling me that meditation was the key to making transformational life changes. It was met with resistance: I was good…

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