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One cocktail evoked transformation

When I pushed the “publish” key on my blog post on 15 June 2014, I had no idea that it would be five months until I published again. These two publishings effectively marked the beginning and the end of a hiatus in life. In a period marked by heightened anxiousness I remember pushing quite hard through feelings…

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For you: Simple, nourishing & delightful recipes!

“Just don’t deviate from the recipe.” I vividly recall my husband sharing this pearl of wisdom in our early days of my cooking … Needless to say, things have changed a lot. These days I experiment all the time with food and I relish in the art of deviating from the recipe. In fact I…

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Home made chocolate, just in time for Easter!

There is something beautifully exhilarating about teaching something new to children… and it does help when the topic has a lot to do with chocolate! Last week I went in to my daughter’s year two class as well as my son’s year one class and taught them about the origins of chocolate as well as…

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